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macaronic group


To provide to a variety of customers, either directly or through Business Partners and Affiliated companies, ship management services which are:

  • Reliable
  • Cost effective
  • Meeting or exceeding customer requirement
  • In accordance with all applicable quality, safety and environmental standards
  • Aimed at achieving zero incident and zero spill with continuous improvement
macaronic group


To be recognized as a premier ship management company active in a number of specialized and diverse shipping segments.



Macaroni Group is working since 2008 in the area of ship management and allied services with offices in India and UAE.

Macaroni Group is focusing on the employment of experienced, duly certified and qualified seafarers for a large fleet of vessels consisting of bulk carriers, tankers, reefers, containers and offshore vessels.

Macaroni Group's expertise in crewing is at your disposal, on any issue related with your vessels‘ crew at any time, before, during or after their employment.

Our growth has been additionally spurred on by the presence of a modern, young and diversified fleet, operated by a large pool of well trained and experienced manpower, both onshore and at sail.

We handle large network of well-established crewing companies around the world to provide ship managers with the most reliable, cost-effective and efficient crewing services. Either you prefer single nationality or multinational crew compliments, We can assist you in recruiting suitable seafarers, keeping them in your fleet and gradually building your own pool of seamen.

Macaroni Group possesses all the ingredients essential for emerging as a truly world class ship management company. The endeavor of the management is to facilitate the release of boundless energy and initiative streams, which will be channeled for the growth and prosperity of the Company and the nation.

In the years to come, Macaroni Group strives to further widen its reach to other areas in the Asia. We also plan to expand our business interests outside Ship Management. Moreover, Macaroni Group aims to be listed in multiple stock exchanges in the future.

Among all these business aspirations, our mission will remain to be achieving the total satisfaction and quality of life our stakeholders deserve.


Macaroni Group

Mr Babu Bhai Gautam


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Macaroni Group

Mrs Neelam Singh


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Macaroni Group

Mr. Hemant Gokhale

Technical Director

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Macaroni Group

Capt. Anupam Maiti

Executive Director

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Macaroni Group

Capt. Himanshu Pawar

Executive Director

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Capt Arnab Battacharya

Commercial Advisor

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